03 December 2009

New News

Hi everyone. This is Stephen. Don't be sad when you read this, but I've come home, back to the Northwest.

It's okay though! I know we talked about all making it to Peru together, but I have things to worry about at home that I decided needed my attention, plus I was dangerously close to running out of money.

Please don't misunderstand me - it would make me very sad for anyone to see this trip as anything less than a triumph. The last month has been the best of my life! And Tyler and Mike have proven themselves to be without a doubt the best, most adventurous and supportive friends I could ever ask for.

Good luck guys, I love you both. I'm sorry you don't have a computer anymore.

I'll leave you with a good old-fashioned list of bottom lines, then a short video.
  • I am fine! Don't worry about me.
  • After one month, I am already addicted to blogging. I'll likely start my own soon, and you will be invited to read it
  • To everyone who has given us anything on this trip, be it couches, floor space, meals, an audience, hugs, money, directions, coffee, bike parts, advice, friendship, time, or anything else - you've all changed my life.
  • This is not my last adventure.
  • This video is not serious:


  1. There is a disturbing aroma emanating from this entry. Are Tyler and Mike continuing to Peru?

    It did seem odd that you hitchhiked from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara, then caught a ride back. What happened to the bikes?

    Thank you for the blog, Stephen.

    I have to admit that I am relieved that you are not actually biking down Baja and beyond. Not that you could not have made it. It would be very risky, if only considering the roads and the drivers sharing them.



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