11 December 2009

Stand By, Old Sport!!

Everyone! It's been eight days since my "farewell" post, and I, possibly like you, have gotten a little tired of periodically checking this blog and reading the first sentence of my last post over and over. Plus, I'd like to pop in one more time to say this:

If you've been faithfully checking the blog each day, a.) thank you for your support, you are awesome!, and b.) sorry it's been awhile! Without giving too much away, I just want everybody to know that Mike and Tyler have still been having a great time on their journey. It's just the not-having-the(my)-computer-anymore thing that has prevented them from relaying their specific experiences to you thus far.

So of course, I feel quite responsible for the lack of exciting news that could be gushing forth right now... but isn't. I'm sorry, really!

So please, consider the following:
  • Mike and Tyler = warm/safe/still livin' the dream
  • I have detected unconfirmed rumors of pending news for all you faithfuls out there, straight from the horses' mouths
And since this blog isn't exactly mine to post on anymore, I will thank you for reading this much. I just thought you might want a bit of an update, or reassurance, or whatever it is you may be looking for in this humble little publication.

Peace be with you, friends, and happy beginning-of-the holidays!

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