02 November 2009

Another day of driving, packing, unpacking, and organizing, with a made-for-TV double feature, and little bit of Zelda on the N64 towards the end. Unfortunate development of the day (UDD): a decision to postpone our departure one (1) business day, due to... you know. This and that. Encouraging recent occurence (ERO): We're all moved out of our tiny, previously-full-of-stuff house! And, we're really, really close to leaving. We can smell it. AND, a new knife, who I shall call Donatello - a gift from my dear brother James. You can see him here in the green, laying down in front of the tent and pile of clothes (Donatello of course, not James). He is toothed and dangerous, a real tiger of a blade who will strap to your belt or, in times of toughness, an appendage.

  • new departure time - sometime on Tuesday.
  • the less stuff you have, the easier it is to move
  • Donatello does not forgive!


  1. Donatello has a twin now. I'll leave it up to Jeff to name him. It could have been yours, switched at birth, if only it had arrived 2 days earlier... I hope night number one on the road proves a learning experience for the rest. :)

  2. OH, and happy birthday mikey! im pretty sure biking under the influence is entirely legal. so i wont even worry : )



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