16 November 2009

Nat for Dav Rd Rd 12

We have a confession to make: we've sort of cheated. A little. But it's so cold up here, and buses are so much faster!

So here's what's going on. Or, rather, what has gone on.

We took a series of buses on Thursday that got us from Aberdeen, WA to Seaside, OR, where we lived it up for two days with the venerable Dave and Patti Steen in an authentic oceanside resort - we're talkin' concierge, elevators, gift shop, and multiple hot tubs with lights in the bottom that change colors. Patti did an exemplary job of plumping us up, and sent us on our way Saturday morning with our saddlebags overloaded with all kinds of edible goods.

When the bus dropped us off in Tillamook later, we rode twenty-two miles to Cape Lookout State Park. We later learned that thirteen of those miles were unnecessary, as was the thousand-foot ascent and subsequent descent back to sea level. Oh well. We ring our sweaters out and move on.

One day, two meals, one bag of jelly beans, zero showers, and thirty-three miles later, we were letting ourselves into a cozy house in the town of Otis, just north of Lincoln City. It wasn't long before its owner, Corrina, arrived home from a mushroom-gathering day-trip with her boyfriend Tony. Soon, aromas were wafting, guitars were singing, and friendships were quickly being formed. We ate freshly-gathered mushroom alfredo, and sat around jammin' out on banjo, guitar, piano, and mandolin. Gooood night.

Today is windy. So instead of us riding fifty miles to stay overnight in Salem, Tony volunteered to give us a ride in his pick-up tomorrow (Thanks, dude!), which gave us time for a good, old-fashioned hike! I would describe it to you, but a photo-video montage is really the best way to go for this one.

Wind, wind, wind. If we're not careful, it looks like it might blow us right on down to Sacramento. Stay tuned


  1. did you guys decide if you were coming through phoenix or not?!

  2. We can't! :(

    We just don't really have the time/funds to veer that far from coast before crossing the border! We miss you though, Kaetlynn! Actually I've had two dreams with you in them since the beginning of this trip (seriously ask Mike, this is totally true)!

  3. We've been wondering if you added weight to your tires to counter the effect of the umbrellas if you added umbrellas to your bikes...
    (brujenn = Katie J's dad)

  4. I was totally wondering what things have been like for you for the past few days, as 100% of the news I have seen has been about the weather on the coast, specifically near Tillamook (water!!! covering the 101) and Garibaldi (90!!! mph winds). So, wow, I'm glad to hear what you've been up to. All of the people you are meeting sound great and I am really, really happy for you guys. If I could send you a care package right now it would have a bag of Airheads in it.

  5. please inform me of these dreams.
    and maybe it will make me feel better about you not coming through the PHX. :(



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