08 November 2009

Joyce to Forks by way of Lake Crescent!

We left Kris and Andy's this morning with our bellies full of oatmeal, our saddlebags full of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and a long road ahead of us. We rode back through Joyce, then headed south to get back onto Highway 101 and ride around the south shore of beautiful Lake Crescent. However, a gut feeling led us to take the more treacherous route around the north side, on the Spruce Railroad Trail.

Aside from testing the performance limits of our fully loaded touring bikes, the rocky, forested lakeside trail did offer us some rewards.

It also had its setbacks.
But we got over them.

(Get it?)

Twenty-six more miles, and we find our famished selves in Forks, Washington. Cheeseburger? Yes please. But a hotel room? Sure, why not. And it's another early bedtime for us clowns!


  1. i've always wondered what that trail was like! so beautiful. mary wants to know if you've seen any vampires or werewolves yet. or nutria?

  2. No vampires or werewolves yet, but the nutria are outta control!!!

  3. "Holy Shit!" hahahahaha
    question: do you just let Mike and Tyler do all the work while you sit around filming and taking pictures of the blog? =P



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