05 November 2009

We love you Kevin, Katie, Moms and others

Kevin kindly took these pictures just before our Tuesday morning departure. We miss you, everyone!!

Gettaloada THIS guy.

Nanners = potassium = less cramps

\We love you, Katie!

And you, Kevin!

Us (Tyler, Stephen, Mike)

More to come soon. Thanks for loving us back.


  1. Glad to hear the journey has been good so far. Can't wait to hear more. Let me know if Donatello gets into any trouble


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  3. I'm finding it incredibly difficult to post a comment for some reason, but here's try # 2,309,478,333,333,333,333. (That's just an approximation.) Anyway, HI HI HI What's up What's up What's up I miss you I miss you I miss you

    That's one for each of you. I have to go chop some vegetables, but I love you all crazy and I'm excited to hear more.

  4. Love you Steven, looking forward for you guys to make it down to Cali...so proud of you guys :)

  5. Another day, another mile, you guys still have that sunshine smile! As you can tell, my poetry is not too hot. Anyway, I love to check in on your journey and know of many of your stops along the trail. Mary Beth and I pray for your joy and protection as you search the land and all that God has made for us to enjoy. The old prophet Isaiah said something like this..."I am the Lord your God and I know you by name, when you go through the flooding waters, they will not overflow you, when you go through the fire, it will not burn you for I am the Lord your God." This is great to know that He has made this land for you to enjoy and He will continue to protect you as your allow His work in your lives. Curtis



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