10 November 2009

A hearty Hoquiam hello from... Hoquiam.

Yesterday (Monday): Started out in Forks with the weather never having looked less friendly. I took this picture at Thriftway, where we stopped to buy our food rations for the day.
It might be hard to tell in this picture, but it's totally pouring.

But luckily, the sun came out while we were preparing our lunch underneath a Highway 101 overpass.
So we put some of our stuff out to dry.

Some time later, during a short break from pedaling, I leaned my bike against a road sign to take a short walk up the road with the camera. Here's what I found:

Seriously! These were all within one hundred feet of each other, people! Not that we didn't enjoy the ride. In fact, we all decided that the stretch of Highway between Forks and Kalaloch provided the best ride so far on the trip. Maybe it had something to do with our emotional reunion with the Pacific Ocean.

And I finally worked up the courage to take my hands off the handlebars long enough to snatch these two nuggets.

And best of all, when we arrived at the campground, we actually had sunlight left! Yessssssss.

Today? You don't want to hear too much about today. Let me just say a couple of things:
  • it's still raining, a lot
  • we're in Hoquiam, which is pretty (suspiciously?) far south from Kalaloch, where we started out
  • and, this:

(Yep, a bus.)

Bottomline: the weather's terrible, but we're still having an awesome time!


  1. Hey there MEN! It is so good to hear from you and join you on your ride! I had thoughts of driving my pickup out to Forks and suggest that you jump in and carry your bikes. Now I know that you might have fallen for the lift. Don't fret, you are doing great! Keep your spirits up and keep on going and growing. Still looking for our wonderful God to keep His eys on you and bring you just what you need. Thanks for sharing our ride. Curtis Sharpe

  2. I've been to that Thriftway :)
    This blog is so well written - so very proud and impressed with all of you. Good luck and see you soon <3

  3. This is so awesome! I'm so proud of you guys for doing this. And thanks for promising not to die, that's pretty important to us.
    If you decide to go through Portland, there is definitely a dry and comfy dorm you are welcome to crash in.
    Good luck!

  4. Hey guys, great to catch up on you. Just got back from my big adventure in Nepal. Be safe and promise me not to die.

    Mike (aka Tyler's dad)

  5. I thought the bottle of Newman's Own was really funny. I can see people finishing a beer or snapple while driving down the road, and throwing the bottle out the window, but was someone drinking salad dressing? or making a salad while driving down the road? WTF? I really want to know the story behind that bottle.



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